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Driver Safety is a concern no matter your age. Being a responsible driver saves lives. Whether you are planning a trip, vacation, or just driving across town, simple driving tips can keep you and your family safe.

Avoid Distractions

The #1 thing that hinders driving safety is when you aren’t focusing on the road in front of you. If distractions occur inside the vehicle, pull over immediately. To ensure your and other’s safety, be sure to take care of anything extra before leaving.

Constantly be scanning the road and your surroundings. You never know what may suddenly come out, such as a car, pedestrian, cyclist, animal, etc.

Adjusting your music, air temperature controls, being on phone while driving or stopped at a light, eating, or drinking are common distractions.

Alcohol Impaired Driving

Getting behind the wheel under the influence is a huge risk in itself for your driving safety. As a result, it is also a major cause of wrecks.

Alcohol affects the functioning abilities in your brain, which, in turn, hinders the ability to drive and navigate. It also causes drowsiness.

Driving Tired or Drowsy

If you become tired or drowsy, turn up the music. Pull over to the side for your and other’s driving safety.

Speeding In A Hurry

Do not speed. Speeding will not only get you a ticket, but can cause a costly wreck. For your and other’s safety, be sure to pay attention to your speedometer.

You won’t arrive at your destination any faster. You still have to account for stopping and cars in front of you. Passing only when necessary is advised. Otherwise it can affect other’s driving safety.

Your mind becomes bombarded with your surroundings the faster you drive and it takes more pressure on the brakes to slow down.

Safe Driving Distance

Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Drivers may stop suddenly. Watch for their brake lights and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.

Driving Conditions

Stay aware of driving conditions. Be sure to slow down when the weather conditions are bad. Read our article on Safe Winter Traveling. Additionally, you should always check your local weather conditions at National Weather Service.

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