Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity

Your Vehicle's Towing Capacity, towing,

Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity


Most of us have had those instances where we either need a tow or are asked to help tow someone. Knowing your vehicle’s towing capacity is important, to be sure. Having this information is not only for the safety of the driver, but also the life of your transmission and other parts of your vehicle.

Where to Find Your Towing Capacity

To start, the Owner’s Manual will have the vehicle towing capacity listed. Also, all vehicles post important information on a sticker on the driver’s side door or door jamb. All of the necessary details should be listed there. If any information that you need is not listed there, a dealership or your personal mechanic should be able to find that information relatively quickly. 

What that Means

Towing capacity is the vehicle’s maximum weight it can safely pull. Naturally, each vehicle is different. So, it’s important to know what your transmission is capable of towing beforehand, whether it’s a car, rv, or boat. In addition, exceeding the maximum weight limit puts severe stress on the vehicle and can cause damage to the brakes or transmission. A costly fix, undoubtedly, if the towing capacity restrictions aren’t followed. Consequently, this is why it’s important to always tow below maximum capacity.

More Information

Kelley Blue Book’s Towing Capacity Guide may be helpful. This guide goes into further detail, should you need it. Even included are various classes of vehicles and specific vehicles with their towing capacity.

Here For You

It’s always great to help a friend, but if you find that you need help on Wyoming’s open roads, we are Select Towing and Recovery. Located in Casper, Wyoming, we are happy to serve the surrounding area with everything from car towing to heavy duty truck winch outs. Most importantly, stay safe out there, but if you find yourself broken down, call your 24-hour, local towing company at 307-277-0713. We will take care of you.

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