Winter Driving

winter driving

Winter driving can look different for everyone. Know your vehicle and roads to make confident decisions.

Allow Car to Warm Up

It’s not only comfortable to get into a warm car, it’s also good for your engine and fluids. In addition, you should dust off your car’s windshield, windows, lights, exhaust pipe, and license plates.

Know Your Brakes

With hazardous winter roads, avoiding spin outs and skids is important in winter driving. Braking can be difficult. Lightly pump your brakes to maintain traction. Start slowing down when you see the stop sign or the curb. Continue rolling, because it may be harder to turn out or start driving again.
Also, increase your following distance when you are behind another car. More wrecks or fender benders happen when cars are driving too close together, especially when the road conditions are bad during winter driving.

Avoid Distractions

Driving on roads covered in snow and/or ice can be risky. You can slip and skid all over. Avoid distractions such as your phone, radio, doing makeup, taking a drink, and messing with controls. Your full attention needs to be on the road, especially if you can’t see the lines.

Be Cautious and Go Slow

You may be in a hurry and end up late, but being safe should be your #1 priority. Take it slow on the road, especially in winter driving. Go slow up and down hills, on bridges, and around curves. It is recommended that you slow down to a third of the speed limit in bad conditions. Accelerate and decelerate as conditions permit. Passing someone when the roads have packed snow and ice is dangerous and risky. You may slip out and/or lose traction.

Select Towing and Recovery

If an accident or spin out does occur, call us at 307-277-0713. We are Select Towing and Recovery, Casper’s local towing company. Here to help you in any weather in a wreck, winch out, spin outs, and providing recovery towing.

For further information check out Safe Winter Traveling before you drive in the snow.

winter driving

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