Infant Safety

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Kids are our future, and it is our duty to ensure infant safety. When it comes to babies, very strict guidelines have been set to keep them safe in cars.

Car Seat Safety

Many infant safety issues start and stop with incorrect car seat installation and fitting. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers in-depth step-by-step instructions on how to do both of those. When an infant car seat is not installed properly, there is a chance of ejection in the event of a collision. If you are unsure about your infant safety due to your car seat installation, the fire department offers their help.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Child safety depends on the guardian avoiding common mistakes.

Bulky Clothes and Blankets

The warmth and comfort of a baby is highly important, but coats and blankets should not be worn while buckled in a car seat. Extra bulk in the car seat can leave extra space under the harness. In a crash, the padding would compress and the infant could slip out and be thrown from the seat.

Sizing Up too Soon

To ensure infant safety, they should be kept in their rear-facing seats until they are the maximum height and weight allowed. This is the safest option. The same goes for forward-facing seats and booster seats for bigger children.

Seat Chest Clip

Often, chest clip placement on an infant in their car seat is too low or too high. The clip should always be placed at armpit level. When it is too low, the infant can slip out during a crash. When it is too high, the infant’s neck can become injured.

Infant Safety

Infant safety is highly important in vehicles. Proper car seat installation and fit are vital when driving with your baby.

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