Most Common Towing Questions

Most Common Towing Questions

It can be a big deal to break down and need a tow. Knowing who to call, what to expect, and what information to provide may not have been on your list when you left your house or started out on your trip. However, to ease a bit of that stress, let’s go through this list of Most Common Towing Questions for when this situation arises.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Towing Explained

1. What is towing?
Towing is pulling or hauling another vehicle, whether damaged or illegally parked. Typically, a tow truck is used for these services.

2. How does towing work?
First, the tow truck operator safely hoists and secures the vehicle to the tow truck trailer using tow hooks or even axles. Then, the vehicle is towed to the appropriate destination. This could be an impound lot for illegally parked vehicles or mechanic shop of the owner’s choosing.

3. When does towing become necessary?
Towing becomes necessary, for example, when a vehicle is illegally parked, immovable due to an accident or mechanical failure, or the owner needs the vehicle transported a long distance.

4. Am I required to be present during the process?
In most situations, it isn’t necessary for the owner to be present. It is suggested, however, that the owner remove any personal belongings before the vehicle is towed. There is, after all, no way to guarantee safety of possessions once the vehicle is dropped at the designated location.

5. Can operators tow any vehicle?
Most vehicles can be easily towed. Some may need different ways of towing and securing, or even run into limitations, depending on vehicle transmission, size, and the tow truck capabilities. Of course, your tow truck operator will know exactly what will work best for your vehicle.

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6. How much will the tow cost?
There are many factors in determining towing costs. This includes, for example, the type of vehicle, the distance towed, and any additional services all have to be factored in to the bill. Contact your towing service directly to get an accurate break down of costs or quote.

7. Will insurance cover towing?
Check your individual insurance policy or call your personal insurance provider for accurate coverage. Some policies do, indeed, cover roadside assistance. This may cover your towing expenses.

8. Can I choose my own towing company?
You may be able to request a towing company, especially if you prefer a specific company or your insurance covers it. In some cases, though, your insurance policy may specify a towing company that is covered.

9. How long will it take to tow my vehicle?
Many factors, such as location, weather and traffic conditions, even tow truck availability, can determine the duration of the tow. Reputable companies strive for prompt, friendly service, but be prepared for delays that can be out of the control of the tow truck operator’s hands.

10. What do I do if my vehicle has been towed?
First, contact the local authorities to give a description and get a location of the impound lot. Then, you’ll need proof of ownership and to pay any fees to reclaim the vehicle.

Additionally, this is a generalized list of the most common towing questions. Check with your local towing companies and insurance company for more location specific and detailed information.

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