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Driving Wyoming’s Open Roads

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Driving Wyoming’s Open Roads


Wyoming is a beautiful state, full of history, animals, mountains, rivers, gorgeous, clear blue skies, and open roads. There are also dangers that come with the vastness of the state and the relatively few towns and sparse population.

Things To Consider

  • Animals
    Be aware of your surroundings while driving Wyoming’s open roads. Animals won’t stop for you. You have to anticipate them. Never get out of your vehicle if there’s an animal or herd blocking your lane. Don’t pull over to pet the cute, fluffy animals. This could result in fines, injury, or even death. No one wants to end up viral on social media because of bad decisions. However, it is best to stay safe in your vehicle, snapping pics or a quick video for proof of that rare Wyoming “traffic jam.”

  • Elevation and Weather
    Drink and pack extra water, especially if you’re not used to the elevation. Dehydration can set in, quickly, because of the drier climate and the effect it has on your body. Even in summer, bring a jacket. Higher elevations are naturally cooler than lower elevations and some have been known to get snow even in summer months.

  • Wind
    Wyoming is the windiest state of the lower 48; only second to Alaska. Very few of Wyoming’s open roads offer tree-lined scenery, which means few wind breaks. Be prepared for forceful gusts, head winds, shaky semi trailers, and tumbleweed.

  • Desolation/Open Roads
    Printed maps, food, water, and fuel are a few very important things to have on hand. As much as Wyoming has beautiful backdrops for nature photography, there are also plenty of areas that have no cell phone service. In addition, fuel stations and grocery stores can be few and far between, so it’s important to fuel up and stock up on food or snacks before you head to the next town. Being prepared can make a setback a little easier to navigate.


Coming to Wyoming

Grab your map and highlighter and step back into simpler times when you travel through Wyoming. Take in the scenery and breathe in the clean air. Slow down a bit and enjoy your time on the open roads in the Cowboy state.


Here For You

Enjoy your trip through Wyoming. Be cautious and prepared, but if you find that you need help on Wyoming’s open roads, we are Select Towing and Recovery. Located in Casper, Wyoming and serving the surrounding area with everything from car towing to heavy duty truck winch outs. If you find yourself broken down, call your 24-hour, local towing company at 307-277-0713. We will take care of you.

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