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Select Towing and Recovery offers Car Towing.
Whether your car is in a ditch, has a flat tire, totaled due to a wreck, or buried in snow, we are here to provide car towing, pull-outs, and winch out services. If possible, be sure to move your car to the side of the road for other’s and your safety.
Unexpected breakdowns or wrecks can occur. And while a tow may be inconvenient, we will assist you.

Our Services Offered

Flat Tow

In a flat tow, the car is towed with all four wheels rolling. A tow bar or specific hitch is used. This method is mostly used on four-wheel drive vehicles. However, the impact can damage the transmission and drive train.

Wheel-lift Towing

Wheel-lift towing is a common way to tow lighter vehicles or used when towing for a shorter distance. Using a hydraulic lift, a metal yoke is attached to the front or rear wheels. The car is then lifted off the ground and safely secured to a tow truck, then towed to the specified location.

Flat Bed Tow

The car or vehicle is secured onto the flatbed trailer. Then the trailer is attached to a semi or tow truck and hauled. This process is for cars that need long distance transportation or are incapable of driving. Therefore, this method is better on the engine and car as whole than a flat tow.

Select Towing and Recovery

Simply call us at 307-277-0713 for your car towing needs. Your local 24-hour towing service. Our team has 25+ years of experience.
Check out Auto Accidents and Driving Safety for further information.

Car Towing

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