Short Trips

Short Trip Tips

Keep Up On Vehicle Maintenance

When planning a trip, always plan on getting your vehicle serviced. Make sure the tires, oil, engine, brakes, and lights all work properly to help prevent breaking down and delaying your trip.

Ahead of time, check all of your fluids. This includes fuel, oil, power steering fluid, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. If any are low, be sure to top them off.

Assess all of your tires before your departure, including your spare tire. Be sure to look at the pressure and condition of tire treads, then replace if needed.

Brakes are important when going anywhere, especially on a trip. Get your brakes serviced if they are making odd noises or feel spongy.

It is essential to make sure all of you interior and exterior lights work appropriately. Replace any bulbs if needed.

Air Conditioner/Heater
Very important to have your air conditioner up and running for your warmer trips. You do not want to overheat or be uncomfortable.

Moreover, be sure to have your heater working properly. It can be dangerous and not enjoyable if you do not have efficient heating for your colder weather trips.

Packing Light for Short Trips

• Essentials – Emergency and non emergency.
• Food and water; healthy, protein filled snacks. Water is important year round but especially in the summer.
• First aid kit
• Blankets – Warm for winter. Or if you need one during vacation season when stopping for lunch or if you get stranded.
• Clothes – For shorter trips try to pack light and according to the season/weather.
• Jumper cables

For extra traveling information take a look at Safe Travel Tips.

Set a Budget in Advance

Short trips can be fun trips, but they don’t have to break the bank or rack up debt. Plan ahead. Set aside specific money for food, fuel, then, lastly, fun.

Road and Weather Conditions

 Weather can be unpredictable in any season. Access road conditions for any trip, especially for a winter trip. It will save you from getting caught in a storm or stranded.
But for any time of the year traveling, it is necessary to check for traffic conditions, road construction, heavy rain, flooding, wind, etc. Further, anything on a road trip can be uncertain so be sure to plan ahead in case you have to find a new route.
Use these short trip tips before heading out on your next adventure.

Select Towing and Recovery

Accidents can occur at any moment, whether big or small. We are your local 24-hour towing service. Simply call us at 307-277-0713 for your car towing needs. Our team has 25+ years of experience.

Before your next short trip check out Auto Accidents and Driving Safety for further information.

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